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$250,000 Dollar Life Insurance Policy

There comes a point in life that the future seems to be less certain than at any time previously, and that signifies a requirement to start considering family needs in terms of finances should you no longer be around.

For both young and old, a $250,000 term life insurance may very well be plenty enough. Really, regardless your age, having insurance coverage will help to provide for family financial security.

More mature people are now very much an essential constituent to many insurance providers policy provisions, whereby they offer customizable policies to match up with specific requirements.

What’s more, the prices for such policies are decreasing year on year, making them a more affordable option for many.

Due to their low price, policies like these make for more than merely a financial back-up. Here we consider a number of the benefits that this sort of low-cost policy will provide.


Term life policies are generally extremely affordable. That being said, the reason that most people opt not to take out a life insurance policy is because they believe that it’s too costly. If you have a look at the tables just below, you will see just how cheap life insurance truly is. As such, there really is little reason why any family with dependents would not want to avail themselves of life insurance coverage.

$250,000 Term Life Rates for a Man

Age $250,000 20 Year Term
30 $13.05/month
40 $17.84/month
50 $43.28/month
60 $113.32/month
70 $418.35/month


$250,000 Term Life Rates for Women

Age $250,000 20 Year Term
30 $11.96/month
40 $15.88/month
50 $32.41/month
60 $77.87/month
70 $269.28/month

So, as you can see from the tables above, a $250,000 term life policy for someone who is 30 years of age and in good health will merely cost around $12 per month.

An Investment in Future Money

The last thing that anyone would wish is to become a financial liability to their family. An investment in a term life policy will help to avoid that from ever becoming a reality. With a purchase in a term life policy comes an investment into money that your family are at liberty to use later on. The money can be used for medical expenses, household bills, or anything at all that they may require.

Planning an Estate

Seniors tend to enjoy term life policies because they are useful as part of an estate plan. A term life policy can be used as a way to pay estate taxes, so any property that is held within an estate will not have to be sold off in order to pay the government. In this way, term life insurance policies ensure that the value of an estate is not syphoned away by state taxes upon your demise.

Survivor Benefits

A spouse as well as any minors will receive survivor benefits for a period of time which is previously specified. The benefits will serve to replace either a pension or a retirement income upon your death. Obviously, this will serve to make life a little easier for your family as they try to grow accustomed to life without you. There should be no financial insecurity to have to deal with since the bills will be paid.

Continuing to Provide

As we have seen, a $250,000 term life insurance policy may well be enough for you to continue caring for the needs of your family even once you are gone. You will still be able to pay off the house, and see the kids through college, as well as take care of a variety of other things that might need to be done.